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We can produce impression die forged parts in carbon steel, bronze, and alloy, and some grades of stainless. Parts typically range in size from .25 pounds to 14 pounds, with maximum dimensions of 18" x 6". For horizontally forged parts (i.e. Upsetting) we can accommodate stock sizes of 2 1/4" diameter, and weight of approximately 90 pounds.

We have the necessary equipment to finish, machine, and heat treat forged parts according to the needs of our customers. The modern equipment in our shops allows us to drop forge, upset forge, drill, tap, ream, thread, heat treat, clean, paint, and package. Our Quality Assurance department has the necessary equipment to perform all standard testing and to proof load parts to 600,000 pounds. In-house die sinking equipment allows us to make many of our own dies.


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