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End Fitting Choices  
End Fitting Choices
Hook and Link
Clevis Jaw
Formed Eye Bolt
Stub End
Drilled Eye Bolt
Box Hook
Swivel Jaw

We offer any combination of the End Fittings pictured above. Below are a few example configurations. (All
end fittings may not be available for all sizes.)

Specify your ratchet...
1 Choose the barrel diameter and screw size to suit your needs based on breaking strengths and dimensions shown on the dimensions page. Apply in straight tension only with a minimum safty factor of 3 to 1.
2 Specify the barrel length as determined by amount of take-up required.  Barrel length = Required take-up plus 2 times the screw diameter. (Round final calculated barrel length up to nearest even inch.)
Example: Required Take-up = 8 inches.
Screw diameter = 1 inch.
8 inches + (2 x 1 inch) = 10 inches
The barrel length would be 10 inches.
3 Pick the end fittings for each end (left and right) to best suit your application.  Ratchets and end fittings are designed for straight line pull tension applications only.
4 Call Dixie's Customer Service staff at 800-756-6656 for delivery information, application information, and price.
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Click On The Respective Links To View More Details
Click On The Respective Links To View More Details