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Dixie Ratchet Turnbuckles  
Rigging hardware for every need
Custom Chain Assemblies - 3/16" to 4" Safety Chain, Tie Back Chain, Load Securement Chains all built to your exact specifications. Contact a customer service representative for additional information on your requirements.
Hooks - Columbus McKinnon hooks range from a 3/16" weld on chain hook up to a 22 ton alloy rigging hook. Forged hardware and hooks to meet your requirements are available through your customer service representative.

Tarp hooks for lacing tarpaulins and ropes quickly and easily.
Chain - Dixie Industries is a division of Columbus McKinnon Corporation which offers a wide variety of welded chain from Grade 30 Proof Coil to Grade 100 Alloy. Sizes range from 3/16" to 4". Packaging is also versatile to suit your need. Our chain is packed in continuous lengths in pails, half drums, and drums. Because of its flexibility and ability to follow contours readily, chain is a versatile medium for lifting, towing, pulling, and securing, or for any application where a force is to be exerted.
Shackles - Super strong anchor and chain shackles have higher working load limits than specified by Federal specifications. All shackles are marked with size (inches and millimeters) and working load limit in tons.
Hammerlok Coupling Link - Dependable and easy to use for fast assembly on the job, for attaching chain to master links and eye type hooks and many other uses. Made from larger size stock than the chain they are used with, they provide greater inter-link wearing surface. Load pin and stud can be assembled quickly and easily with just a hammer. Every link is proof tested at the time of manufacture. A wide variety of other connecting links are also available to fill your needs. Please contact our customer service representatives at 800-756-6656.
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Click On The Respective Links To View More Details