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Lodelok Hooks

  • Large eye design for use with the correct size of Grade 80 and 100 chain, wire rope and synthetic material

  • Engineered load bearing surface reduces bearing presure

  • Factory replaceable pins

  • High cycling, long life spring used in release latch.

  • Forged, positive interlocking nose latch fully engages tip of hook.

  • Latch designed to work with gloved hand, pinch points designed out

  • Finger grip pads forged into body of hook

  • I-Beam construction for greater strength/weight ratio

  • Super size of bowl allows a generous load bearing surface to accept today's larger synthetic sling.

  • Forged alloy steel, quenched and tempered

  • Meets ASTM A952/ A952M-02 Forged Grade 80 and Grade 100 Steel Lifting Components and Welded Attachment Links

  • No catch points to snag lines up or down

  • Individually proof tested to 2 times WLL. Certification available upon request.

  • Sizes available 9/32" to 5/8"

  • Engineered flat in the hook's eye

  • Passes 20,000 cycles fatigue test

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  • Do not apply load unless latch and hook are completely closed and locked.
  • Make certain that the latch does not support any part of the load.
  • When lifting, make certain that the load is firmly seated in the base (bowl) of the hook.
  • Inspect hook and latch periodically. If the hook or latch is damaged or if the latch fails to interlock with the tip, the hook should be removed from service.
  • Do not exceed the working load limit.
  • Do not use if the hook is visibly distorted, damaged or worn.
  • Keep body and other objects clear of the latch when closing to avoid the pinch point.
  • Do not side load or tip load hook.
  • User should be properly trained and understand safe rigging practices.

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