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We are focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of injury reducing products for the heavy duty trucking industry.

We are proud to introduce you to two new driver enhancement products: the SIXTH WHEEL® Ratchet and the Winch-et™. These tools have been designed ergonomically to dramatically reduce driver exertion and injury risk during trailer coupling and uncoupling, and load tightening activities. Cranking the trailer landing gear and tightening the load straps are leading causes for musculoskeletal injuries in heavy-duty trucking.

Until now, the physical actions required during these frequently performed duties have remained unchanged for nearly seventy years. This has caused the industry to incur multi-million dollars of annual expense for workers compensation related losses, including insurance premiums, medical claims and driver’s lost work time. The SIXTH WHEEL® Ratchet and the Winch-et™ are cost effective mechanical products that protect the industry’s most valuable assets, the driver and the payload, and provide significant financial benefits to fleet owners. Included are multi-media instructions on proper installation and use of these exciting new products.

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Click On The Respective Links To View More Details